Scoring a Food Haul at the Food Hall


What’s the ideal place for people to shop local and eat an amazing meal all under one roof? If you are thinking food hall, you would be correct about one of the hottest trends of the 21st century. These all-in-one venues are the perfect spaces to find fresh, locally-grown food with a creative spin, provided by aspiring chefs and food-lovers alike. The vibe is casual, high energy, and the décor 20th century repurposed industrial. If food is art, this is the gallery.

When attempting to describe the wares you will encounter at these meccas for food connoisseurs, think Food Network meets a summertime farmers’ market, meets an upscale grocery store, meets affordability. For short, we’ll just call it the Disneyland for adults. While shoppers may be comfortable sourcing clothes and other recyclable goods from all parts of the planet, who wouldn’t prefer to know the provenance of their sustenance, especially given all the food-related scares that seem to be plaguing the news as of lately? Food vendors in an upscale take on food halls, such as the upcoming Bourse Marketplace, are pleased to enable health-conscious people on a limited budget to eat a well-balanced diet. These stylish markets are generally located near large residential areas and businesses, effortlessly catering to the on-the-go crowd. If you remember getting in the car on a Friday night while growing up, and being asked, “where do you want to go for dinner tonight, kids?”, you may also recall the arguments that ensued, since no one could ever agree on a single place to dine. If only food halls had been available on the scale they are today, serving as the perfect solution for everyone to explore their favorite global cuisines.

The 1970s brought us shopping malls and gradually made ghost towns out of many small downtown areas. We’re happy to report that things are changing rapidly once again. While typical shopping malls may be in a death spiral poisoned by online shopping, food halls are taking over as the places to be. Ironically, the idea of the food court is the basis for the new food halls, with a focus on options such as shawarma and Bahn mi, as opposed to the more passé hot dogs and hamburgers. Kids raised on the McDonald’s drive-thru window may no longer want the unhealthy choices of traditional fast food, but are also off-put by the thought of spending too much time at a traditional sit-down restaurant. That’s another instance in which food halls come into play as a seamless blend of convenience and gourmet dining. Suddenly, spending time on your phone is not viewed as an act of poor manners, but rather a can’t-miss Instagram-able opportunity (don’t forget to tag us @tazaegyptian during your next visit to one of our fast-casual eateries!). The silver lining for the rapidly declining brick-n-mortar mall industry?  They may be salvaged by the very thing they spawned — though on a completely different scale.

While many of these food markets have been around for a long time in large cities across the country, they are beginning to open up more rapidly in towns of all sizes. The anticipated rise of these venues is predicted to happen over the next five years, with developers scrambling to find areas large enough to accommodate this type of business model. Food halls draw both tourists and locals, giving cause for many residential and commercial planners to lobby for their construction.

Located in Philadelphia, the Reading Terminal Market is often viewed as the granddaddy of them all, having recently celebrated its 125th birthday on February 22nd. Now the new menus on the block are going to be housed in the historic Bourse Building, located a short walk from Independence Hall. Our next Egyptian eatery concept will be one of the 38 vendors positioned on the main floor of the building. This exciting new venture will officially mark the opening of our second brick-n-mortar location, existing under the new label of Ka’moon, the Arabic word for cumin. Following our food hall start with The Taza Stop in the Easton Public Market, expansion into the novel Bourse Marketplace is certain to provide gourmet food lovers another tasty excuse to #EatLikeAnEgyptian.

Next time you find yourself inspired by Tasty, BuzzFeed Food, or any other videos of acclaimed chefs preparing mouth-watering meals, don’t let a few missing ingredients deter you from indulging your culinary pallet. Food halls are just the place to find what you’ve been craving.

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