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Getting Started… Helpful Facts From Real Food Truck Owners


So you want to start a mobile food business?  Yes, it’s one of the fastest growing food industries and one of the fastest growing business in general, so it can be a lucrative business to get into – read this article Food Truck Report. However, it’s not for the faint of heart. Yes, this cliche is overused, but it applies 150% to starting any food business, especially one that is mobile. Starting ANY business is difficult and unpredictable, and yes, many businesses fail in the within the first 10 years because of so many reasons including lack of planning or lack of capital or simply because the business owners decided they don’t want to work 24/7 to develop the business. Here are some stats on why businesses fail: Why Businesses Fail.

Keep in mind that the stats are a little deceiving because remember, if a business closes down because the business owners don’t want to run it anymore, this “closure” is added to the stats as a “failure.” Nevertheless, running a business is challenging, and your decisions can make or break your business, so you must have a clear plan that is based on sound principles of pricing in your area, location, real profit and loss projections, etc.  As you can see in the article, the top reason for failure in business is “incompetence,” which is defined by several factors including lack of knowledge of the market, pricing, finances, and so forth.  However, what is NOT mentioned in this article about the mobile food industry is that outdated zoning ordinances block legitimate licensed mobile vendors from serving their cuisine to customers in most parts of the area in which they’re licensed. So if you still REALLY want to start a mobile food business, PLEASE don’t base your business plan or model on blogs from business people who have NEVER owned a mobile food business or have NEVER worked in the food service industry!  Read real stories from food truck owners, like us, who are on the road and understand the real challenges.  And don’t make the mistake of reading the story of Kogi BBQ in LA, which is a super-successful business in a market that is now open to food trucking, and applying this model to your city or town.

The mobile food industry is threatened by outdated and discriminatory ordinances even in some big cities like Chicago and Boston and is in a transition to gain traction across the country!  So we’re writing this blog based on real stories and facts from food truck owners throughout our area (Greater Lehigh Valley, PA), and throughout other parts of the US as we collect more research from food truck owners to help you make an informed decision about starting your mobile food business. In fact, Hala and I, along with Tracey Matthews from Trixi’s Treats, are founding members of the Greater Lehigh Valley Mobile Food Alliance (GLVMFA), which is a non-profit developed to help elevate and support mobile food vending in our area. And we’re in regular contact with other food truck owners and mobile food associations around the country. Check back regularly for more information and helpful guidance from our blog posts, and feel free to email the send us a message with questions about starting your mobile food business!

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